Johannes Weigele



Zwischen Realität und Projektion creates an experiential space in which people can move between reality and projection.

A light source provides information in the dark environment. By changing position, the viewer can either recognise clear constructs that appear in the form of simple basic shapes or take a look behind the projection and perceive other forms of a different, perhaps more natural reality.

Humans once lived in harmony with nature. By building physical and social constructs, he has moved further and further away from this state. The resulting split between nature and construct has now become almost insurmountable. Man is constantly forcing living nature and his own nature into imaginary constructs. The original nature can only be experienced in fragments. At the same time, however, nature is able to overcome imposed limits due to its adaptability. Rarely can humans maintain their constructs long enough to dominate nature once and for all.

To what extent man is in reality or only in a projection, he himself cannot clearly say. Constructs can be recognised with the help of knowledge, but a reality can only be defined and lived through individual parameters.